Northeast Indiana Base Community Council 

  "America's Most Engaged Military Community!"

Since 2011, the NIBCC has served as a catalyst in unifying the military, civilian and business communities of the greater Fort Wayne region through awareness, collaboration, advocacy, workforce development and leadership. Efforts include:

  • Connecting people to programs, building a network of support for service members and their families.
  • Promoting the six military bases and armories in the 11-county region.

   —122nd Fighter Wing – Air National Guard

   —1st Battalion, 293rd Infantry – Army National Guard

   —A/2 – 152nd Cavalry – Army National Guard

   —384th MP BN HHC – Army Reserve

   —1/330th IN REGT – Army Reserve

   —221st OD CO – Army Reserve

NIBCC is a 100-percent volunteer organization, offering the Fort Wayne and surrounding community the opportunity to participate in or attend the myriad events throughout the year.

Without a paid staff, every dollar raised through sponsorships, donations and event income goes directly toward continuing NIBCC programs. If you would like to become a sponsor of one of our events or donate to the Northeast Indiana Base Community Council, please visit

Northeast Indiana Base Community Council Board of Directors
and Leadership Team

  • Carl Huber, Executive Committee - President
  • Eric Flores, Executive Committee - Race for the Warrior Co-Chair 
  • Gary Dillman, Executive Committee - VP Finance 
  • James O'Connor, Executive Committee - VP Legal Affairs,
  • Sarah Huber, Board Member - Finance Committee Member
  • Lisa Mungovan, Board Member - Secretary
  • Wendy Davis, Board Member
  • Nick Darrah, Board Member
  • Sofia Rosales-Scatena, Board Member
  • Alex Wulpi, Board Member - Marketing
  • Chris Lamping, Board Member - Webmaster 
  • Garry Pook, Military Support Fund 
  • Patrick Dooley, Board Member Emeritus - Immediate Past President and Founding Board Member
  • Tammy Kelley, Board Member Emeritus - Military Support Fund 
  • Roger Reese, Military Support Fund Committee Member, Finance Committee Member
  • Patricia Oppor, Finance Committee Member

Northeast Indiana Base Community Council

P.O. Box 10306

Fort Wayne, IN 46851

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